Various features of refrigerated air dryers in industries?

If you don’t know the features of air dryers, they might not work efficiently. Refrigerated air dryers are essential day-to-day machines. Without removing moisture from compressed air, defective dryers can create problems for pneumatic systems. Their working condition is key to ensuring low-moisture environments. Regardless of their complex designs, operators need to know some basic components. Let’s see some components inside this piece of equipment.

How Do Features Of refrigerant Air dryers Work?

The Heat Exchanger Unit

In the heat exchanger unit of refrigerated dryers, moisture is separation from atmospheric air. The process of condensation in refrigerated air dryers occurs before draining the moisture. After draining the moisture, a further process of reheating occurs before the air is discharged from the system.

After draining the moisture, a further process of reheating occurs before the air is discharged from the system. After the compression goes through cycles, the heat exchanger ensures air-drying functions.


The refrigerated air dryer works like household refrigerators. To de-moisturize compressed air, it’s better to use CFC-free refrigerants. Unlike R12 and R22 refrigerants, modern air dryers come with chlorine-free refrigerants. The latter are environmentally-friendly, R410A and R134A are premium refrigerants. Apart from providing instant cooling for moisturized air, they don’t depletion the ozone layer.

Features of Other Air Dryer Types

Tanks – Drying And Regenerating Tower

The Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer comes with two (vertical) propane-like tanks. While one tower dries, and the other regenerates. Normally, atmospheric air in compressor systems contains vapour and contaminants. This type of air dryer uses the reversible process of converting moisture to a desiccant substance. The tower contains a porous desiccant that adsorbs moisture in the process of releasing dry air.

What Is The Basic Principle Of Air-drying?

Generally, air drying of compressed atmospheric air involves the temperature-reduction to dew point level. At this level, moisture condenses and dries inside the heat exchanger unit.

Benefits of Using Refrigerated Air Dryers

  • They are useful in maintaining the quality of air in the manufacturing environment.
  • They remove excess moisture content from compressed air systems
  • Refrigerated air dryers minimize the risk of operational problems with pneumatic systems. These problems include the malfunctioning of components, freezing of outdoor lines, rust, and moulds. Other challenges include odour, damp environments, and costly repairs.

Check for These Features before Buying an A refrigerated Air Dryer

Do you know how to avoid downtime and increase the productivity of refrigerated air dryers?. It’s a common practice for manufacturers to leave specification details on products. One of the ways of knowing these features is by looking at the specifications of the air dryers.

The Flow Rate (Free Air Delivery)

The flow rate of compressed air into your air dryer is important. It’s the air compressor’s Free Air Delivery that determines the minimum flow that refrigerated air dryers need. A 75kW Rotary Screw Compressors with operating pressures of 8 bars has a Free Air Delivery of 14.2m³/min.

Pressure Dew Point

The point where vapours change to the liquid phase is called the pressure dew point. Dryers reduce both the pressure and temperature of moisture in compressed air to reach a condensation phase. If you live in Australia, refrigerated air dryers operate at a nominal pressure dew point temperature of 3°C.

Operating Pressure

Consider the operating pressure of an air dryer that’s compatible with the pressure needs of your system. Usually, air dryers have 100 PSIG (pounds per square inch gauge) ratings. Naturally, an increase in pressure reduces the moisture content and improves the compression system’s efficiency.

Ambient Temperature

Ambient temperature specifications are essential factors in choosing the right refrigerated air dryer. Get an air-drying machine that allows users to switch between low and high temperatures. During the summer months, a high-temperature dryer will be your best choice.