How to Get a Job in The Arts Industry

If you have a passion for art and find an interest in working in a museum or art gallery then you may wonder to yourself just how to get into this industry.

Here are some of the key things that you need to know about working in this type of industry:

What types of jobs are out there for those interested in the arts?

Although it may be common to think about the art galleries as they are art focused however, there are other job opportunities out there as well. Some jobs include positions like events coordinator, gallery associate, office manager and a social media manager. There are plenty of opportunities that can work for you. The main thing you need first off is to have the passion for art. Handling events that are in the field of an exhibition showcase like openings, cocktail parties and dinners along with working publicly to support the exhibitions. You need to be truly passionate about what you are going to do and be well versed within everything that is happening among the art world.

What skills do you need to work in the art gallery or museum?

Although there is plenty of variation when it comes to the types of positions that you can work in among art galleries. The one thing that is most important is to have the ability to work over different departments.

Most skills are crucial to all the types of gallery positions such as:

Knowledge of the industry

If the role you are in doesn’t actually directly focus on art that is represented by the art gallery having a full understanding of the industry itself is important. This helps to build your knowledge as a whole for the company you are working within. Having this knowledge will help to represent the art galleries, museums and the artists themselves.

Communication skills

Having the ability to communicate effectively is very important to any field within the arts which is a fast-paced world. You may be coordinating events, delivering arts dealing with exhibitions and outside teams. In order to ensure that everything goes to plan you need to develop communication skills in a certain style that is effective and clear.

Have organisational skills

The art gallery and museum world are both extremely fast-paced. You need to be able to juggle everything that has to be done each and every day and be able to drop things when something urgent arises. In order to do this effectively you need to have a clear understanding of what your priorities are so you can manage your workflow accordingly. You may need to plan well ahead to avoid the disaster that may follow missing a delivery of art crates or not organising entertainment for an opening night. Whatever the case, being organised and well-planned is the best way to avoid disaster and keep on top of any other unexpected surprises.

Art gallery jobs are a great option for those who are very passionate about the art industry and have a want to learn about all the facets. In order to find which art career is good for you try an internship and some volunteer work so you can get some firsthand experience within the field. Attend functions and conferences to get the knowledge and a feel for the industry. It is also a good way to get to know different artists and get networking which can land you right in the perfect spot with some training or volunteer work or better yet a job.