There is one question behind successful change management

the art of change management

You have signed off on a business transformation initiative, and your team is rolling out phase one, a new enterprise data management system. All appears to be tracking along nicely until you hear a select group of workers are boycotting the latest applications and related training sessions.

Research demonstrates that user resistance is an integral variable from the success or failure of new systems and technologies. The cliche that people do not like change isn’t entirely true, but users will resist new ideas they do not fully comprehend or feel a part of.

If you can answer one fundamental question, then the whole transformation program will become more natural and less daunting: What is in it for me?

Concentrating on the tech, not the people

Organisations must develop a change strategy and communications strategy around showing everyone all of the improvements to their work life they currently have at their hands. People are not interested in new features, but in the way they could use them. Listen to your customers and make a program that concentrates on the features that will make their life simpler.

There are several great new learning techniques available. They also demand a particular learning culture where users are contented with the liberty these techniques supply and will take some opportunity to use them. Do not invest in a brand new e-learning system to roll out a colossal training program if your teams favour hands-on learning. The change should be pushed from the context of the learning culture in your organisation.

Change management won’t ever be ‘one size fits all’, but programs centred on consumer requirements, are a lot more likely to be successful. There are now packed change management solutions available that provide customisable modules to take you through the preparation, installation and post-implementation phases of your change management applications. This way, you may make a change experience for consumers that will help make adoption natural and smooth.