Fashion is empowering women

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Mastani is the title of an Indian princess who symbolised strength and femininity. Kudrat Makkar, who had been motivated by the strides women have taken to achieve positions of power, chose to use the title for her Melbourne-based luxury fashion label.

When Kudrat moved to Australia, she studied design. The degree enabled her to understand construction and craftsmanship in a unique way for a fashion designer.

Even though the label is based in Melbourne, Mastani includes a design group in Milan and an atelier in India. Its designs are handmade using traditional methods which have been passed down from generation to generation.

In March 2019, Kudrat held an International Women’s Day photo shoot comprising 10 Australian female entrepreneurs. Behind the scenes, the shoot also contained photographer Liane Hurvitz and hair and make-up artist Chantelle Baker.

Kudrat claims the photoshoot was an ideal platform of communicating the ability of women and the best strength that comes once we stand as a collective.