Should You Complete a Course before Starting a Business?

Starting your own business is a dream come true for most people around the world. This is because owning a business promises not only job security, but also significant financial freedom and the opportunity to explore your creative talents. However, starting a business comes with its own challenges. Harvard Business School researchers reveal that 40% of most new businesses fail in their first year. This can be quite heartbreaking to the owner who loses their investments due to a failed business. However, to curb such unfortunate incidences, one needs to ensure they have the right strategy before launching a new business. This includes taking a business course or courses to help in learning the fundamental basics of running a business successfully.


Having a business college degree is not an essential aspect of starting a business. This means that one can start their own businesses without pursuing any course or acquiring a college degree. However, to successfully run a business through all the hardships, one needs to have a solid knowledge of entrepreneurship, and everything it entails to run a successful new venture.


Business courses are essential as it helps one learn how to navigate in the business world. Through the classes, one can gain insightful experiences on how to run a business. This is because lack of knowledge when running a new venture is likely to cause failure. However, having minimal experience in the industry can help you avoid common pitfalls run by rookie entrepreneurs. Therefore, before starting your own business, you can opt to gain experience through volunteer work, internships, or working under a veteran for some time to gain experience. For example, if you are looking to start a business selling beach style furniture, you may want to complete an interior design course.


Pursuing business courses may not be a firm requirement to venture into a new startup, but can help to get you on your feet. By continuing individual business courses, you’re likely to learn the following:

  • One can acquire soft skills in life, like having a desire to learn in business always
  • You will be able to learn how to carry out business prioritisation and develop emotional maturity. Emotional maturity will help you keep pushing in business even when you feel like quitting
  • Business courses will introduce you to basics in marketing, business management knowledge, and taxes
  • Pursuing business courses will help you in time management and in acquiring skills to assist in organising and fully utilising your staff
  • Businesses are mostly about profit and losses; therefore, the business degree will highly enhance your knowledge of sales and how to increase and use sales capital appropriately


Having the right business idea, passion, and pursuing a business course are some of the fundamental steps that will ensure you’re successful in your venture. Luckily, in our highly technological world, pursuing any business course is just a click away. This is because there are numerous online business courses one can participate in. Some of the most fundamental courses you should pursue include the following.



Pursuing an entrepreneurship course will help hone your business skills. Entrepreneurship will help you work on creating your business goals and how you can achieve them. Additionally, this course will help you in developing the right business idea that will ensure your success, as well as create a business plan and strategy to obtain financing. An entrepreneurship course is essential for any rookie entrepreneurs to complete.



Pursuing a marketing course will help you understand how to reach your ideal audience and customer base. In a marketing class, basics such as how to reach your audience with the right marketing strategy are explored. Also, in case you will be advertising your products online, you should learn how to reach your intended social media customer base. A marketing course will help you in increasing your business profits. If your store specialises in coastal home interiors, you need to know how to market to groups that prefer this style of home.


Business Management

Running a business venture requires you to have the right business skills to manage people and resources. A course in business management will help you with organising staff and delegating duties. Additionally, the course will aid in ensuring the available team use their skills and abilities to their full potential.

Pursuing a business course, or acquiring a business degree, is essential to run a business effectively. Although such qualifications are not mandatory, learning skills and knowledge offered by business courses will help in the successful launch and long-term running of your business.